Paul Johnson’s paragraph on the Nazi Doctors

The following paragraph is from historian Paul Johnson’s book “Modern Times: The World from the Twenties to the Eighties.” Its a few words, but there are ironies – doctors whose job is murder and torture, presumably to rid the world of contamination, SS men who see themselves as superior but prove themselves as morally inferior, and horrible abuse of Jews, Poles, and Russians, the latter two people’s who had rocky relations with Jews. Here is the paragraph:

350 SS doctors (one in 300 of those practising in Germany) took part In experiments on camp inmates. Dr Sigmund Rascher, for instance, conducted low-temperature tests at Dachau, killing scores, and asked to be transferred to Auschwitz: ‘The camp itself is so extensive that less attention will be attracted to the work. For the subjects howl so when they freeze!’ Polish girls, termed ‘rabbits’, were infected with gas-gangrenous wounds for sulphonamides tests. There was mass sterilization of Russian slave labourers, using X-rays. Other projects included injection of hepatitis virus at Sachsenhausen, of inflammatory liquids into the uterus to sterilize at Ravensbruck, the all-women camp, phlegmon-induction experiments on Catholic priests at Dachau, injections of typhus vaccine at Buchenwald, and experimental bone-transplants and the forced drinking of seawater by gypsies. At Oranienburg selected Jews were gassed to provide specimens for Himmler’s skeleton collection of ‘Jewish-Bolshevik commissars who personify a repulsive yet characteristic sub-humanity’.

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