Lessons from the political left when it gets power

To learn about the leftist movement in the U.S. it helps to focus on what they do when they are in power. That is what “Radical in Chief” does as it examines the rise of Barack Obama to the presidency. I’ve put prior posts based on the book in this blog, and I’ll conclude with some miscellaneous lessons about the left.

  1. Obama was involved with ACORN, an organization that was notorious for fraudulent voter registrations. Given the current controversy (did voter fraud cost Donald Trump the presidency), and a professor who I’ve argued with who denied that voter fraud is a problem, this is worth knowing. Voter fraud is a breaking of the rules that allow for peaceful change of power, because people on the losing side decide that they have no peaceful way of ever regaining power.
  2. The left can use the latest slang, and be in tune with the latest trends, but their goals are not any more progressive than those of Karl Marx in the 19th century. Here is a flyer the Weathermen put out: “Cats are being fucked over everywhere. Like, what is there to do? You can go to school, but we know their schools are just jails. They’ve even got pigs there to make sure we don’t make any “trouble” for the jail wardens…It doesn’t make any difference where you work, cause it’s all jive shit…SDS is recruiting an army right now, man, a people’s army, under black leadership, that’s gonna fight against the pigs and win!!!”
  3. Another interesting point is that Organizers following the ideas of Saul Alinsky use polarization as a tactic. Organizers search for “enemies” – businessmen and political leaders who can either offer the group something valuable or serve as “targets” for anger. Targets are sometimes baited to strike back, thus further enraging the group. So whether a bank gives in and offers mortgages on easy terms or refuses to lower its lending standards, the community organization wins. Either the loans go through, or the group gets mad — and membership grows. Best of all, targeting encourages the public to view the business community — and ultimately capitalism itself – as the enemy. So the cause the left seems to be for may be secondary to radicalizing the people they recruit.
  4. When Obama was in power, he included a massive 1.4 billion dollars in this 2011 budget to create a massive force of government funded community organizers (Americorps). Congressional Democrats turned back Republican efforts to prohibit the flow of taxpayer dollars to groups “engaged in political or legislative advocacy”. So left wing press groups got massive funding. Again, this is a breaking of the rules. Government is not supposed to help citizens further a political agenda.

In the year 2021, again the left is in power. In the past, there has been both deception as to the goal of particular policies, and a breaking of the rules of Democracy, and there is no reason to think that this isn’t going on right now.

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