Why the doors of America slammed in the face of escaping Jews

After Lenin led the Communist party to victory in Russia in 1917, many stories of Bolshevik (Communist) atrocities came out of that country. Since Jews were disproportionately represented in the Communist movement, they were often blamed in the West. Paul Johnson, in his book “A History of the Jews” say that this had serious consequences:

“It was in the United States, however, that the Bolshevik takeover, and its association with radical Jews, had the most serious consequences…the Bolshevik scare effectively ended the policy of unrestricted immigration which had been the salvation of east European Jewry in the period 1881-1914, and which had enabled the great American Jewry to come into existence….The result (of the Bolshevization of Russia) was the ‘Red Scare’ of 1919-20, led by the Democratic Attorney-General, Mitchell Palmer, against what he called ‘foreign-born subversives and agitators’. …Much of the material circulated by Mitchell and his allies was anti-Semitic. One list showed that, of thirty-one top Soviet leaders, all but Lenin were Jews; another analyzed the members of the Petrograd Soviet, showing that only sixteen out of 388 were Russians, the rest being Jews, of whom 265 came from New York’s East Side. The result was the 1921 Quota Act, providing that the number of immigrants admitted in any one year was not to exceed 3 per cent of their existing ethnic stock in the US in 1910. The 1924 Johnson-Reed Act cut the figure to 2 per cent and pushed the base-date back to 1890.”

One result of this was that Jews fleeing the Nazis did not find a safe harbor in the United States. The United States did not want Jewish refugees. “During the was period only 21,000 were admitted, 10 per cent of the number allowed under the quota law. The reason for this was public hostility. All the patriotic groups, from the American Legion to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, called for a total ban on immigration. There was more anti-Semitism during the war than at any time in American history.” and “In 1942, according to the polls, the Jews were seen as a bigger threat to American than any other group after Japanese and Germans.”
Interestingly, after American soldiers saw the results of the Holocaust themselves: “The GIs (soldiers) were furious when people back home refused to believe what they had seen or even look at their photos.”

The attraction to Marxism by a large number of secular Jews helped close the door to all Jews trying to escape extermination.

But we could ask, just what percentage of Jews were attracted to Marxism? I don’t know the answer to that one, but it was too large. We could also ask, did Marxist Jews make much of a difference in the US? I don’t know the answer to that either, but for example in the “Days of Rage” in Chicago, when Chicago reeled from rioting leftists that converged on that city, the Mayor, Richard Daley, lasted out at eastern liberals “Go home, you Jew bastards”. So at least in his perception, the leftists were disproportionately Jewish.
Now I’m Jewish, and not being a Marxist, I am of course dismayed by the role the Jews played in the success of that ideology. Obviously most Communists in the world are non-Jewish, for instance the huge population in mainland China, and the Marxists now controlling governments all over Latin America (Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru come to mind). But the point of this post is not to argue with that ideology, it is just to point out that the fatal attraction of too many Jews to it led to the doors of survival being shut in the faces of all Jews attempting to escape the “Final Solution.”

The Rise and Fall of the American Left – John Patrick Diggins
A History of the Jews – by Paul Johnson

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